Love from London

I promised myself I would start blogging this semester in an attempt to keep a record of my time in London and to stay in touch with my family and friends back home. Here it goes:

Here I am in Greenwich. I’m very jet lagged in this picture

I can’t believe just a week and a half ago I was in Boston! I’ve only been in London a short time but I can’t help but feel like I’m wasting the limited time I’ll have here. It’s been a lot to adjust to so far, between a new city, new people, and all new classes. I think I’m finally beginning to get a handle on everything! I’ve bought groceries, navigated the tube, and I’m beginning to figure out where to get a decent cup of coffee.

I’m living in South Kensington, one of the posher neighborhoods in London. (I wonder who let college students live here?) Even though I am studying with a BU study abroad program there are students here from tons of different colleges all over the US. Two of my room mates are fellow BU students, one a senior, one a sophomore, and the third girl is a junior at Providence College. It’s not easy living with 3 other women but I think we’ll make it work. I’m more concerned about the kitchen, which is shared among all of the students living on this floor.

While studying in London I’ll be taking three classes and completing an internship. I’m taking two of the classes in the first half of the semester, then in the second half the semester I complete the internship and the final class. At the moment I’m taking a class in Strategy and Tatics in British Public Relations, and a class in London Women’s Social History from Aphra Benn to the Blitz. While I’m a PR major it’s the Women’s History class I think I’m going to enjoy the most. I’ve decided on a women’s studies minor this past semester after taking an amazing class on Women, Race, and Gender in Mass Media. My history class has only met twice so far but we’ve already taken two field trips! Today we went to the National Portrait Gallery where we were asked to examine the women’s portraits on display. Yesterday we went the the National London Museum where we were given the task of analyzing how women’s stories were incorporated into the history of London. It’s great getting the chance to leave the classroom, analyze artifacts, and create independent conclusions. While I anticipate learning a lot in my PR class I don’t anticipate it being as inspiring. I’m most excited about my internship, though. I have an interview with a top PR firm this Friday. Getting the chance to live in a new country is such an amazing opportunity but also having the chance to work in public relations while here is just extraordinary! Hopefully everything goes well *crossing my fingers*

Outside of class me and the other students on my floor have done a bit of traveling and exploring within London. Last week BU organized a boat trip to Greenwich for everyone. Unfortunately I think I was too jet lagged to really enjoy it (I may or may not have slept through most of the boat tour). Last Thursday me and some of the girls went to Fashion Night Out, an international after hours shopping event sponsored by Vogue. As cheap college students we didn’t do much shopping but it was nice to explore the ritzy shopping district in London and take advantage of the free swag & drinks some of the stores were handing out!  On Sunday I went to the Brick Lane Market with two friends. Brick Lane is a neighborhood filled with artists, hipsters, and Indian food! Every Sunday the Market opens and vendors sell clothes, jewelry, bags, and tons of ethnic food. It was great people watching and window shopping. I left £13 down with a trendy ring and a stomach full of pumpkin curry! I think I’m really going to enjoy the markets here in London!

this is the pumpkin curry i bought for £3!

With three and a half more months left abroad I’m really excited to see even more! This weekend I’m going on a trip to Brighton. I’ll share more on that later.



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