I went to Brighton on Sunday. It’s a small city about an hour outside London right on the coast. Brighton was popular among King George IV,who built an extravagant Indian style vacation home there. I had the chance to check out  the Royal Pavilion, George IV’s home. The insides are renovated and filled with incredibly ornate furniture, wallpaper, carpets, and chandeliers.

Currently Brighton is a hip, young, liberal town filled with tons of shops and cafes. There are so many kinds of people from hipsters to hippies to punks to mods living in Brighton. You can see all of them walking around the North Laine, an area filled with lots of trendy boutiques, vintage shops, restaurants, and some galleries. I bought a new purse from one of the shops. The shop was stocked with leather bags and smelled like horse saddles. It reminded me of when I took equestrian lessons in fifth grade. The owner told me the bag was made in Morocco and the leather was tanned through a natural process that didn’t include the typical chemicals.

In the late afternoon me and my friends wandered down to the shore before we had to head back to London. Brighton has a fantastic pier with carnival rides, an arcade, and tons of junk food. It was fun to see all of the families walk around and enjoy the activities and there was a great view of the ocean.

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One thought on “Brighton

  1. I loved Brighton Beach (and its rocks). The boardwalk and all the other sights were wonderful too. I went during my time studying abroad as well. I was in school in Oxfordshire though, near Banbury.
    Nice photos. Bonne Chance!

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