It’s a Small World

While I fully expected to make new friends studying in London I didn’t anticipate the opportunities I’d have to connect with old friends. In October I will be going to Spain for 5 days and spending most of that time with one of my best friends Sarah. Sarah and I have known each other since fifth grade when we sat next to each other in Mrs. Deans class and wrote silly notes to each other to pass the time. She’s one of my favorite people to spend time with wether it’s a special occasion like Christmas or just a hot summer day in Ocean City. Next month I will be spending one day in Madrid with two of my friends from school before heading to Seville, where Sarah is studying, and then the two of us are heading to Barcelona for the weekend. Sarah is one of my favorite people and I’m so excited to travel with her!

In November I’m heading to Dublin for a very special occasion. Both Sarah and my friend Paige are turning 21. All three of us are meeting in Dublin, where Paige is studying, to celebrate this milestone. If the three of us had been at school in the States I’m not sure I would have gotten to see either of them for this special birthday, but because we’re all in Europe it seems important to make the point to get together! These two girls have been such amazing friends to me throughout middle school and high school and I’m so glad that I’ll be with them for their birthdays, in Dublin of all places! Let the beer and whiskey flow! kidding

The three of us all found ourselves in different colleges and now we’re all in different parts of Europe but we’re still close friends, which I think is so important!

Here’s a slideshow of Sarah, Paige, and me:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

also, I know this isn’t really about London, but I’m sure my next post will be more relevant


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