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One of the great things about being in London is the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom. For my History class we take lots of field trips to museums and historical places. This Friday we walked in the steps of the suffragettes and saw where they fought for the vote. It was amazing thinking about how hard these women fought to gain a voice. When women were supposed to be quiet and polite many women chose to stand up during political speeches, to march down the streets, to make sure they were heard. Because of their actions these women were often arrested and thrown in prison. In prison they were treated like common criminals, rather than the political prisoners they were. In protest of this treatment they would go on hunger strikes. The gaurds would then force feed the women – a traumatizing practice! When these measures didn’t work they turned militant, starting a guerilla campaign. The suffragettes went on to break the windows of parliament and other political buildings and set fires to churches. It’s so amazing how much these individual women risked and how much they went through to ensure that politicians would listen to women!

My public relations class went on a field trip this Thursday as well. We went to Cadbury World, a tourist destination devoted to Cadbury chocolate. The purpose of the field trip was to experience the various marketing tools Cadbury uses to represent their company. Cadbury World itself was kind of fun. There are cheesy displays and videos telling the story of how the company was founded and how chocolate was made. There was a model factory and even a ride where you rode in a little car along a track in Cadbury’s response to the “It’s a Small World” ride in Disney. The whole experience was really campy. It was fun seeing all the cheesy displays and there was plent Bournville y of chocolate to eat. While I learned a lot about Cadbury chocolate and their brand I didn’t feel like it was the most education trip I’ve been on. I didn’t feel like this trip enhanced what I learned in the classroom. The most frustrating part was  how long it took to get there. It took two different lines on the tube and two trains to get to, in Birmingham, where Cadbury World is located. I left my flat at 8:00am and didn’t arrive home until after 7:00. I feel like we could have had a more enriching field trip within London. My flatmates didn’t mind the chocolate I had brought home for them though!

Here are some pictures from my trip to Cadbury World

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