COM Together

Boston University

Last night I had the opportunity to join the Assistant Dean of Student Services in the College of Communication (COM), Micha Sabovik, for an pint at a local pub. Micha is in London talking to students about BU’s graduate communication program, but she was able to take a night off to talk to the undergraduate communication students studying in London this semester. About 9 students joined Micha, who gladly treated us all to a drink and some greasy pub food, while we all discussed the different opportunities available at BU, especially in COM.

One of the things that has really impressed me about Boston University in the past two years is the sense of community. As a large, urban school many would expect BU is cold and impersonal. Sure, the winters are chilly, but the people at BU are anything but! I’ve been a part of the over 400 BU students choose to spend their Spring break volunteering throughout the US rather than returning home or going off to tropical resorts. I’ve gotten to know professors outside of class. I’ve even had the opportunity to join the Dean of Students for the entirety of BU or a barbecue at his house this past summer while I worked for BU’s admissions office. Being invited out for a drink with a Dean from COM passing through London should have come as no shock, but I’m always pleasantly surprised when someone or something at BU reminds me how much I love this school.



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