Hola España

Sorry for the absence! Last week I finished up some of my classes and there is absolutely nothing worth bloging about in regards to papers and final exams.

The one upside of finals were that they signified mid-semester break. After finishing up all of my assignments I jetted off to Spain for the long weekend. Wednesday I arrived in Madrid with my friends Zach and Bree. We spent the afternoon wandering through the small streets, exploring the city, and enjoying the weather. The next day I split off from my friends to visit the Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid’s modern art museum. The most famous painting in their collection Guernica, Picasso’s tribute to the pain and suffering that occurred during the Spanish civil war. It was amazing being able to see such a historic and emotional painting in person.

After a few hours wandering around the museum I boarded a high speed train for Seville where my best friend Sarah is studying. It was awesome getting the chance to see where she is studying. Seville was such a small city compared to London and Madrid, and it was nice being able to explore a different city, if only for a night. I also got the chance to meet some of Sarah’s friends over a pitcher of sangria.

The next morning Sarah and I woke up early and boarded a plane for Barcelona. We arrived early and spent the day visiting different sites in the city. We took a tour of Casa Batlló, walked through the gothic quarter, and headed down to the beach for dinner where Sarah and I both ordered the most delicious seafood paella. That night we headed out to a club with other travelers from our hostel. The place we stayed organized nightly trips to different hotspots in Barcelona. I can’t think of anything more glamorous than dancing the night away at a club located right on the beach in Barcelona.

Saturday we walked to La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s most famous creation. People have accurately described La Sagrada Familia as a demented sand castle. We also visited an apartment building designed by Gaudi. That evening we headed back to the gothic quarter for a fantastic tapas dinner. After a few drinks at a local bar Sarah and I returned to our hostel, anticipating an early night in. When we arrived a group of guys from Bristol we had met the previous night heading out to the club were hanging around in the kitchen chatting with some Australian travelers. Sarah and I initially thought we were going to tuck in early that night, but we ended up staying up until 4am chatting, joking around, and sharing games with our new friends.

On our final day in Barcelona Sarah and I went to Guell Park, a park desined by Gaudi. The architecture was again amazing. His use of curves and mosaic is so beautiful, there’s very little in the world like it. Then we strolled through the city for a few more hours before heading back to the airport to return home.

I had such an amazing weekend! It was such a treat getting to spend so much time in such a beautiful country, with one of my favorite people in the world!

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