Meet Markets

After an exhausting but fulfilling first week at my internship with a PR agency here in London it was nice to fully take advantage of the weekend. Me and my friends had a great time checking out some of the best markets and neighborhoods in London.

Saturday we headed to Borough Market located right next to the Thames River. Borough Market is a foodies heaven. It’s located right under the train track and every spare inch is filled with food. The goods on sale range from common to the exotic. An Indian curry stall might be next to a French pastry vendor might be next to a British Cider stand. My friends Jess and Stephanie and I all had a great time browsing the different delicacies and grabbing as many free samples as we could manage. There are also phenomenal ingredients straight from the farm like olive oil, butter, poultry, meat, fruit, and veg. If only I could cook better and do any justice to these items I’d buy them all up in a heard beat. Luckily plenty of the cooking is taken care of for you at Borough Market. I picked up a traditional British chicken pot pie for just £3. My friend Steph picked up a chorizo sandwich, and Jess went for the chicken curry. After lunch we were all temped by dessert and picked up cheesecake as well.

To work off our meals we headed over the Tate Modern, London’s modern art museum. The museum occupies a large former power factory and every square inch is put to use. It was great being able to see some of my favorite artist’s work on display like Diane Arbus and Mark Rothko in addition to some other great artists.

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This afternoon me and my friends headed to Brick Lane, a spot I visited one of my first weeks in London, but couldn’t wait to return to. It’s an artsy neighborhood filled with lots of young people, vintage shops, and Indian food. It has a great market filled with tons of jewelry and clothing vendors as well. There’s also an amazing ethnic food market! I had delicious pad-thai for lunch that did a great job fueling my shopping. I was on a mission to pick up some gifts for my friends. I managed to get something for myself as well, a vintage blue tweet pencil skirt, that I can’t wait to wear to work next week.

Overall this was one of my favorite weekends so far in London. It was so fun exploring some of the different areas that make up this huge and diverse city.


2 thoughts on “Meet Markets

  1. Hannah- I have enjoyed your writings and pictures so much! I am so glad you are having such a great experience. These memories will be with you forever. I have been able to show Grami some of your blog so she could see what you are doing.
    Keep having a great time! Love, Aunt Ronda

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