It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

While I won’t make it home in time for the holidays I’m still enjoying plenty of Christmas cheer here in London. Being Jewish, I’m sure all of the christmas trees and “boughs of holly” don’t matter to me as much as they do to some people, but I still enjoy seeing the city decorated. Christmas really does feel like a cheerier time. A few weeks ago I went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. It was packed with wooden huts selling homemade fudge, mulled wine, and other nicknacks. There were also tons of bright lights and amusement rides to amuse even the most cynical scrooges. My friends and I even went ice skating! I’m happy to say the lessons I took in sixth grade have paid off and I’m still as skilled as ever (meaning not that skilled but moderately better than people who don’t ice skate at all).

Earlier this week I also had the opportunity to go to the Christmas party for the company I interned with. The event was a “Very Modern Masquerade.” It was a great way to end my internship, enjoying some out of the office time with my coworkers and my fellow intern, another BU student, Kristina. While I didn’t get to say goodbye to everyone I would have liked to, it was still a nice way to see some of the friends I’ve made around the office one last time.


With all of this Christmas cheer in the air it’s hard to stay motivated towards school work. My final papers and tests are all due within the next week (some as early as tomorrow) but I know I just need to focus and get it done. In a little more than a week I’ll be heading off to Paris to begin my winter break with one of my best friends and all of this work will have paid off. If only Santa could come early and do my work for me. Is that not how Christmas works? I wouldn’t know, still Jewish.

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