Goodbye London


Today is my last day living in London. I moved out of my flat in South Kensington yesterday, put my things into a storage unit, and packed the small carry-on I’ll be living out of for the next two weeks. I spent the night with my room mate in a hostel. We had a good time lugging all of our possessions from the past semester to various locations around London. Tonight I’m heading to Paris to meet one of my best friends Dani for two weeks of travel! When I return to London on December 30th I won’t be a London resident anymore, though, I’ll be a tourist. I don’t mind being a tourist, I enjoy the opportunity to explore all of the attractions a city has to offer, but it was a really cool living in a city. Shopping for groceries. Doing laundry. Catching the tube during rush hour to get to work on time. While I loath all of these activities, doing them in London makes them more bearable.

For my last day in London I visited Harrods, London’s most famous department store, and browsed all of the beautiful things I can’t afford – yet. Then I helped my friend get her luggage onto the tube so she could catch her flight at Heathrow Airport. I headed in the opposite direction and took myself to Trafalger square where I at a sandwich watching people take pictures in front of the fountain. Then I headed into the National Gallery to check out the art. Western European art from the 13th to the 19th century isn’t my thing, so I retired to the cafe to grab a cup of coffee and continue reading The Hunger Games – the most addicting book I’ve read in ages. When I couldn’t find enough change to pay for my cappuccino the cute barista voided the transaction and told me where I could pick up my drink, with a wink. As I left the cafe a few hours later we began chatting about London and home towns. He made me guess where he was from, giving me clues, which only exposed my terrible knowledge of geography. Apparently Cameroon is the only country with French and English as the official languages, besides Canada. Unfortunately when he asked me to dinner I had to decline. I would get asked out on a date on my last day in London. Good timing.

Tonight I board a bus to Paris that leaves Victoria Station at 11:30pm and arrives in the city of lights around 9am. Within the next two weeks I’ll truly be traveling by plain, train, and automobile. I couldn’t be more excited for this trip! Dani is my ultimate partner in crime and I’m sure we’ll get into lots of trouble while exploring.


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