Hello Boston!

I’ve been back at school for over two weeks now, and while I’m glad to be back with my friends I am feeling the travel itch! Thankfully there is tons at BU to keep me occupied, from challenging classes, to working at the Boston University Admissions office, to serving on the community relations committee for the Boston University Global Day of Service, hosted through the community service center. One of the best thing about being back has been seeing all my friends – who are more than happy to give me a big hug (and occasionally squeel!) when they see me! It doesn’t get old running into friends on campus who I haven’t seen in way too long! I’m hoping this extra warm welcome never runs out!

While abroad I was asked to write a guest post for the Boston University Admissions blog about my experience in London. I’ve worked in the admissions office giving campus tours and talking to prospective students and their families for the past 3 years. Through this job I’ve been able to meet tons of my peers who share my passion for BU, as well as the amazing admissions directors who share their love of BU with high school students all over the country, and eventually choose who gets to attend this amazing university (as far as I can tell they’ve chosen well so far!). Of course I was more than happy to write something for the blog telling prospective students a little more about the opportunities at BU. My post was published today and gives a glimpse into what I was up to last semester. Feel free to check it out here!


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